what to write on your postcards ?

  • Encourage people to vote EARLY. 

  • Hold on to your postcards and mail them on October 12th!

  • Sign with your first name only.

  • If voter names are not provided, use "Valued Voter" 

  • The most efficient postcards are the ones that do not look like junk mail.

  • Make them informal, personal and fun! 

  • Stick the stamp first to make sure you have space for it.

  • Don't use black pens.  The more colors, the better!

  • Get your kids to help with the drawings!

  • Keep it simple, positive and fun!

EXAMPLE SCRIPT  (this is just one example. Create your own using a couple of the talking points below):

Dear Valued Voter,


Your vote counts! Support Democrat ________________ on November 3, Election Day! Or take advantage of simple and safe ways to make your voice heard now by requesting a mail-in ballot (NCvoter.org), or voting early!  When you make a plan to vote, we all win. 


Thank you for being a voter!




  • Handwrite a positive and upbeat message that only you could write. Tell the story of why you are investing your time and money to handwrite this postcard. Share your thoughts on why this election is important. Add humor. Show some heart. 

  • Sign the postcards with your first name only.

  • Some campaigns which provided addresses do not include the voters' names.  In this case, start your message with "Dear Voter", "Valued Voter", "Esteemed Voter", etc.

  • Whatever message you decide to write, you want the person who receives your card to know that this election is so important that you are volunteering your time (writing this postcard) and investing your money (you are paying for this postcard) to connect with this voter.

Mail Your Postcards on Oct. 1st. We are mailing our postcards early to encourage people to vote Early In-Person or requesting an absentee Mail-In Ballot.

Vote safely - vote early!

  • You can vote Early In-Person starting on October 15th!

  • Check out locations where you can vote early in-person at postcards4nc.com/vote

Get Out the Vote

  • Our Vote, our Power!

  • Friends make sure friends vote.

  • Get your crew to the polls to vote.

  • This is the election we’ve been waiting for. Vote and get all your friends and family to vote too.

  • There are more of us. Make your voice heard. Get everyone you know to vote.

Why Voting Matters

  • Voting is your SUPER-POWER!

  • Your vote is your voice

  • It’s time to live up to our ideals!

  • Bad politicians are elected by good people who don’t vote. Your vote matters.

  • This election we’re all counting on you. Please make a plan to vote.

  • When we Vote, We WIN!

  • Vote the change you want to see in our world

  • Your country. Your future. Your vote!

  • Enough is enough

  • The power to make a difference is in your hands! Vote!

  • Does it feel like your world is turning upside down? Let’s fix this!  Vote!

  • Every vote counts!

  • The world is run by those who show up. Vote!

  • You can tip the scales with one vote!

  • Please make a plan to vote

  • Be a voter!

  • Your vote is special and so is this election

  • Your vote matters. Yay you.

  • Democracy only works when everyone votes

  • The outcome of this election will be decided by voters like you

Why You’re Writing

  • I’m volunteering to write this card because the stakes are so high.

  • I’m writing to you because our future is seriously at risk.

  • I wrote and paid for this card with my own money because this election is that important. 

Why Vote Democrat

  • Democrats/voters who stay home, elect Republicans!

  • Tired of seeing Red? Vote BLUE 

  • “The time is always right to do what is right.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

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