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Postcards for NC 

Congratulations postcards writers!

We reached our goal of 100,000 postcards

to flip the NC House!!

LAST DAY to order postcards & addresses is Oct 17.

If you have postcards left and need more addresses, email us.

You wrote postcards?  Now there are MANY other ways to help!

Give it a try! The below phonebanks are fun, well organized and come with great training!  Many of these phonebanks are to call voters who have requested a mail-in ballot but returned it - so your calls may be VERY useful!

Phonebanks for Terence Everitt:




Phonebanks for Nicole Quick:

Beginners are welcome and each phone bank begins with a thorough training over Zoom!

Phone bank sign up links:

Phonebanks for Sydney Batch:

Here is the link for Sydney's phone banks. A lot of folks in Syndey's district are voting by mail so we are really trying to ramp up our phone banks to make sure we are reaching all of the voters.

Phonebanks for Tess Judge:

The gift of giving!
DONATE to our key candidates!  What's great is that our candidates are low-dollar races - on average, they need about $100K to win (not $millions like the US Senate candidates).  So your money goes further - even a small donation makes a BIG difference!

Donate to our BLACK CANDIDATES MATTER group of candidates:

Donate to ALL of our 10 postcards for NC candidates - all key candidates to flip the House!

Donate to these 4 candidates who have done great but are behind their opponent in fundraising:


**** BEST OPTION ****

No crowd, typically no line!!

from Oct. 15 to Oct. 31

early voting locations and opening hours here


Hold on to your postcards and




In this way, they will be received right before the start of the

in-person early voting which begins OCT 15.

Please encourage voters to vote early in person - BEST OPTION!


Here's how to Get Started

Get-out-the-vote Postcards

to support Democratic candidates in North Carolina

Black Candidates Matter

1.   Get postcards

  • Order your postcards - either from our selection of low-cost POSTCARDS

  • Or get your postcards from wherever else you'd like!

  • If you are in Northern Virginia where our partner groups are located, you have the option to get FREE postcards by picking them from one of our pick-up locations: Sign up HERE for Northern Virginia pickup!

2.  Voter addresses

  • You can order addresses at the same time as you order postcards.  

  • Select "Postcards with Addresses" for your order.

  • If you have postcards left and need more addresses, email us at

3.  Write get-out-the-vote messages 

4.  Buy postcard stamps, hold your postcards & mail them on Oct. 12th

  • You can buy 35-cent postcard stamps at any post office or online

  • Have your postcards ready with address and stamp but hold them until our highly recommended mailing date:  October 10th.

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You will need to first create a login so you can easily come back for more addresses!

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wE REACHED OUR GOAL OF 100,000 postcards

to flip the NC house!!

 Thanks so much to all Democracy writers! 


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Political Postcards


for Most Effective Postcards

  • At this time, we are writing to encourage people to vote EARLY.  So all postcards are to be mailed on October 12th!

  • The most efficient postcards are the ones that do not look like a mass mailing  or "junk mail."

  • Make them informal, personal and fun!  Check out our amazing examples HERE!

  • Stick the stamp first to make sure you have space for it.

  • Everything, including the addresses, should be hand-written.

  • Don't use black pens.  The more colors, the better!

  • Get your kids to help with the drawings or clip arts!

  • Keep it simple, positive and fun!


We are a partnership of Grassroots Groups

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Postcards4NC is an all-volunteer, grassroots group whose mission is to flip North Carolina by making it easy for people and groups to start writing and mailing postcards, get more volunteers engaged and organize postcard parties. 


We are supporting Democratic candidates running for key state House seats.  The goal is to flip the North Carolina House - and this year is the best opportunity to do so in a decade!

Our group started in Virginia where we helped flip Virginia Blue.  We are partners with and are using the address download system from postcards4va so volunteers can get addresses for North Carolina in a fast and easy way.


Send us questions and feedback at

“To write is human, to get mail is divine!”

- Susan Lendroth -